• 15 Sep 2017


    Skoljoggen was a great success with pupils from reception through to Year 9 taking part.
    It was a lovely sunny day, some Year 9 pupils provided a musical warm up for the younger children, which was much appreciated, and then they set off around Slingan at 09.30.
    Hemköp kindly sponsored us with fruit so all could enjoy a snack once they returned.

    In the afternoon, the senior classes ran two circuits. It was great to have an event that so much of the school could take part in.

    Many thanks to all who donated towards the charity Clowner utan Gränser. ESG raised 2762 kronor.

  • 06 Apr 2017

    Cleaning Up Our Environment!

    This week all junior classes have taken part in cleaning up litter both in the school playground and the area around the football pitch and even slingan.
    This was part of a Göteborgs stad initiative to create a ”Trygg och vacker stad”.

    It has been a great success and all classes enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

  • 23 Jan 2017

    Year 5 Girls win Aesthetic Prize at Chalmers Rädda Ägget Competition!

    Four Year 5 girls won the Aesthetic Prize at the Chalmers Rädda Ägget competition for their stylishly designed egg protector! "With its creative and aesthetically pleasing design, the contribution captured the attention of the jury. The contribution has a consistent theme and a well-made construction in the shape of a blue figure with arms and legs. The egg was kept in a little holder on the front of the figure, which protected from hits caused of the fall. The construction fell down safely with its well-made parachute. The figure was colourful and the design was excellent, for that reason the team is awarded the aesthetic prize."

  • 10 Nov 2016

    Great fun during Höstlov!

    The children of Fritids really enjoyed their week at ESG during Höstlov! We went on a few different outings, including the Göteborg Remfabrik Museum, an old textile factory, Landvetter Airport, and Air Hop indoor trampoline park. The children had the chance to get an inside scoop about how things work at our local airport, learn about the industrial revolution at the Remfabrik, and jump till they could jump no more at Air Hop!

    While at school, some Rugbyklubb coaches gave us lessons in the afternoons, and on Monday we had a massive dance party in the little gym. Thanks to all staff and students for making Höstlov at ESG a great week!

  • 03 Nov 2016

    Shakespeare in Europe

    Over the coming years our year 6 classes will be working on an Erasmus project with a school in Germany and the Shakespeare Heritage Trust in the UK around the Shakespeare play ’A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We will also work with the University of Karlsruhe and the University of Primorska in Slovenia to perform and record the play and devise materials for teachers and students to be able to access the works of Shakespeare in the future.

  • 14 Oct 2016

    Senior Sport in the Community

    Many classes from year 4 onwards have been learning about the outdoors, pitching tents and cooking outside. Year 6,7,8 went canoeing in Delsjön and learned about the Rights of Public Access (Allemansrätten), how to build wind shields and cooking in nature. Year 8 and 9 have each had two sessions of introduction to Rugby. We’ve had two amazing coaches from Göterborgs Rugbyklubb to teach the classes the basics of Rugby and it was very much appreciated by the students. In recent weeks the older classes have been travelling to the local swimming pool to check up on their skills.

  • 30 May 2016

    The Daily Mile

    Year 3 have been busy recently with their Daily Mile, meaning that they start each day with a run. They have been treating this as a learning exercise for other subjects too and have been keeping a record of their results. Last week they were even featured on Lilla Aktuellt Skola. You can see them in action on SVT Play in last Friday’s programme. Our thanks to Mrs Lindqvist for organizing this and to the other teachers who have been running each morning.

  • 16 May 2016

    Competing in Maths, Science and English.

    This year we have enjoyed testing ourselves against other schools in some of the main subject areas. Felix followed Matilda from last year in going to the National finals in the Science Olympics. It is a great feeling that two years running we have young scientists in the national top 20.

    In English our team of Jonathan and Matilda qualified for the regional finals in English as a second language. In English as a native language we filled 7 out of 10 places for the national finals which Nikolai won!

    Finally Michele, Matilda and Felix made it to the regional finals of Maths Olympics.

    A big thank you to Mrs Eklund and Mrs Mattinen for organising these opportunities and to the parents for their support.

  • 16 May 2016

    Reading Challenge 2016.

    Years 2 to 7 have been taking part in our biennial Reading Challenge. Having stocked the library with new books the children set about reading the books, writing reviews and winning individual prizes while taking part. In total the students read over 1200 books with the winning year groups being Year 4 and Year 6.
    But we haven’t stopped there as the students have discovered new books, given us their requests and recommendations and we have bought more books.

    So the reading continues!

    A big thank you to Mrs Aranceta, Mrs Laine, PTA and all the parent volunteers for supporting this fantastic learning event. We look forward to 2018.

  • 14 Jan 2016

    Vi i Femman

    On Tuesday 19th January, Year 5 CS will be taking part in the quarter finals of 'Vi I Femman’. The whole class took part in the first round back in November and did a brilliant job as the class came in the top 8 classes in the Göteborg area out of 320 year 5 classes. This is a huge achievement in itself! Clara and Simon have been chosen to represent the class but the whole class will be giving them support and encouragement. You can listen to them live on P4 Göteborg next Tuesday between 17.00 and 18.00.