Year 9 at Bokmässan

During the annual Gothenburg book fair, our Year 9 students took part in an exhibition called “Vår Stad” (Our City). The exhibition was a part of the Gothenburg 400-year celebrations and featured photos from the everyday lives of 500 Year 9 students. The aim of the exhibition was to showcase the students view of the city of Gothenburg.

Our Year 9 students went to the book fair with their teachers and could observe the exhibition themselves. We are very happy to have our students be selected for the project and have their work shown.

International Literacy Day

On Thursday 15th September both students and staff enjoyed a day of dress up and lots of fun activities to promote their love for literacy. The students came dressed up as everything from Hermione to Mary Poppins to astronauts. To everyone’s surprise we had a visit from Cat in a Hat!

Year 8 Student Wins Gothia Cup

A big congratulations to our Year 8 student Kennedy Okpaleke who was the Gothia Cup gold medalist in the older devision U18 with his team BK Götaholm. On winning Kennedy said, “it felt amazing to win in front of my family and my friends”. We wish him good luck on his future football endeavors and follow him with great enthusiasm!

Gothia Special Olympic Trophy Winner

Our congratulations to our former student Jesper Richter who won the gold medal in the 2022 Gothia Special Olympic Trophy with his team Grunden Bois.

Player of the Year

Our Year 7 student Adam was recently awarded ‘Player of the Year’ for New Boys by Högsbo Basket. A big congratulations to Adam on his wonderful achievement!

Young Editor

Congratulations to Linus in Reception who spotted a mistake in his dinosaur book. The book said that in dinosaur times the temperature was 10x more than it is now when it should have said the temperature was ten degrees higher. Linus mother wrote to the Swedish publisher who agreed that this was a mistake and said that the English publication was also wrong. The mistake will be corrected in future editions of the book.

A Famous Greeting

Ahmed Berhan from the Swedish children’s show ‘Med Ahmed i Medeltiden’ (also seen in SVT humor and Sveriges Radio) sent our Year 4 students a warm greeting. Both classes have been watching the educational program during their history lessons and as a reward for the students hard work the teacher surprised them with a recorded greeting from Ahmed.

Reading Challenge 2022

With over 1500 books read and reviewed in Years 2 to 7 we are sure that many students have improved their reading fluency, comprehension, and stamina in English and Swedish. This is the number one key to success in learning. Our congratulations to Years 2 & 6 who were this year’s winners and had pizza parties. But well done to all for taking part of the challenge as improving our reading is the real win.

Back to a Bake Sale

Our Year 3 students and parents organised a fun and successful Bike & Bake Sale for the first time in over two years.

Appeal for Ukraine

Thank you to the families and staff who contributed to the donation drive of specified items for Ukraine families now living in Sweden. Another big thank you to the parents who organised this drive.