Playgrounds of the future

Our Year 5 students entered a competition with Chalmers to create plans, drawings and models of a future playground. Six groups had their prototype submitted the models were displayed in selected culture houses around Gothenburg.

Thinking of others

The PTA charity drive was a great success. We collected a total of 120 gifts that we donated to Stadsmission Christmas charity. Stadsmission also received many Swish contributions from families at our school. Thank you to the ESG community for great generosity!

Gymnastics success

Three of our Year 7 students Aleah, Laura and Siri took part in a troupe gymnastics competition in Varberg on a recent weekend and their team won silver. Congratulations!

Literacy learning

Year 1 had a literacy day recently where they looked at reasons to read and the importance of reading. They even wrote their own books.

Active students

Our Year 2 and 3 classes have been out walking or running in the forest on Monday afternoons and on Friday 24th September our Reception to Year 3 classes completed skoljoggen.

Helping the local environment

Our Year 1 and 3 classes have been out picking litter in the local area to increase their environmental awareness.

An A in every subject

Well done to Leyan Zeidan, our full pot student this year. Full pot means she got an A grade in all 17 subjects, a remarkable achievement.

Language Olympics

Despite the pandemic we were able to take part in the Language Olympics. All the students that take a language took part and the school got an average score. We came in the top six for the region in all 5 languages; Swedish, English, French, German and Spanish. There was a separate section for those who have English as a home language and we had four places in the top ten for the region. We then  moved on to the regional finals where Azad (Year 9) and Sebastian (Year 8) were finalists. Our Year 8 student Imogen came second in the English mother tongue Olympics for the whole of Sweden. This was especially impressive as she was competing against older students.

Easter Fun

Our PTA organised a successful socially distanced forest Easter Egg Hunt for the junior classes.

Maths Excellence

Congratulations to Ingrid, Eshika, Nils and Ellen in Years 8 and 9 who took home a bronze medal in the finals of a maths competition in the Gothenburg region.