Student Parliament

A big congratulations to Prapti in Year 6 who has been elected to the Ungdomsfullmäktige for Gothenburg.

Future Chess King

Vihaan in Foundation has had great success in chess,taking home the first place in the under 8 years category in September during TorSlaget, in October during Hindåsrockaden and also in November during Hovåspokalen. He also took part in SkolSM in Uppsala last October where he was the youngest in his category and secured 12th place.

Smooth Sailing

Congratulations to our Year 8 student Oskar who represented Sweden in a sailing competition in Berlin. Oskar had the role of team captain, and Sweden came in third place after three days of racing.

Year 9 at Bokmässan

During the annual Gothenburg book fair, our Year 9 students took part in an exhibition called “Vår Stad” (Our City). The exhibition was a part of the Gothenburg 400-year celebrations and featured photos from the everyday lives of 500 Year 9 students. The aim of the exhibition was to showcase the students view of the city of Gothenburg.

Our Year 9 students went to the book fair with their teachers and could observe the exhibition themselves. We are very happy to have our students be selected for the project and have their work shown.

Rugby Championships

Göteborg RF U12, featuring Jack, Charlie and Arthur have recently been playing in the Swedish Rugby Championships where they won four games, drew one and lost one.

Making Music Through Technology

We were pleased to hear about Jovita in Year 4 who has been attending sessions on music through programming and she featured in a report on SVT before the summer.

Year 5 Students Placed 4th in Invention Competition

Our students Alicia, Lovis, and Olivia designed an emergency backpack for an invention and innovations competition. Their design was chosen out of applications from their class and placed 4th. The competition was hosted by Natur & Miljöboken, and the task was to create and make designs, ideas, and innovations with sustainability in mind.

Table Tennis Success

Our congratulations to Annika who qualified to play in Ungdoms SM in Table Tennis in the girls age 14 category. She competed against 63 other girls in the category.

Nobel Prize Interviewee

We were impressed to hear that our former pupil Olivia Laine was chosen to interview the Nobel Prize laureate in physics for 2019, Didier Queloz. The event was organised with Hvidtfeldtska Gymnasiet.

Language Olympics 2023

Congratulations to Daniel, Aadya, Tilly, Elias and Luca who went to the regional finals in English, and to Julian who came in third place (he was competing against older students) in German as mother tongue.