Designing for the Environment

Year 2 recently entered a competition run by Arla, Tetrapak and WWF and thanks to Elena the class had a winning entry. There was a recycling bag for every student, 1000 SEK for the class to spend, an apron for each student and posters for the classroom from the World Wildlife Fund.

Keeping fit in a good cause

19 of our staff ran or walked a track around the neighbourhood in support of the blood donation charity Ge Blod (a socially distanced version of blodomloppet this time).

Daily Mile

Daily Mile
We are focusing on good diet and exercise just now as a way off fighting off infections. Year 2 and 3 are doing a run in the forest on Mondays and Tuesdays. We’ll be challenging ourselves to run a little further and faster each time we are out.

Amazing Race 2020

On Friday 28th August the 12 classes in High School were out in the forest for the Amazing Race.

The classes mixed up and used phones and coordinates to find their way around the course. The older students did a great job of looking after the younger ones and the teachers had lots of interesting challenges waiting.

The tasks for teams to tackle included identifying famous statues, re-enacting the statues,

puzzles, relay races, key finding, treasure hunt, quiz, music, Swedish Royal Chronology, memory tasks,

fairground games and Swedish grammar!

Swedish Rugby Champions

Several of the schools students play with the Gothenburg Rugby club and have become Swedish champions at with a combined Gothenburg and Sparticus Under 14 team. Congratulations to all concerned!


Year 9 did a great job warming up the younger students and showing them the path to run through the forest. Then in the afternoon the high school did two circuits of slingan. The students enjoyed this activity so much they are keen to do it again on another Friday.

A new playground in Uganda

The school has recently sponsored our former pupil Victoria Muwanga through the charity East African Playgrounds to travel to Uganda and build a children’s playground. Victoria then came back to school to show the children her work with a fantastic inspiring powerpoint.

Grand Reunion

As a part of our 60th celebrations we invited back all our former staff and students. We were overwhelmed by the incredible turnout. The former students were able to meet up with each other and their former teachers and take a tour of the modern school and the amazing history diplays Megan Laine has created specially. The event was such a success that we plan to do it again in 5 years time. If you are a former pupil or teacher you can register via the website, clicking on Alumni and leaving your email address for future communications.

Happy 60th Birthday

We recently celebrated our 60th birthday after humble beginnings in 1958 with only 7 pupils. Today we have a wonderful home after 60 years of struggle to maintain the school financially and to have a good place to live.

We were lucky enough to track down 3 of the original pupils who joined us for our celebration,  two of whom were daughters of the original Head teacher, Peggi Hardfeldt. Rosie Leefe, the daughter of our founder Thomas Tull was with us as were two of our former headteachers Janet Meyer and Pat Gabrielsson. It was fantastic to share our day with so many people that made the school the great success it is today.